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What is Lawn Over Seeding and Why Is It Important?

Fall Lawn Repair with Over Seeding

Growing a beautiful lawn takes more than just luck – it takes proper over seeding. Now you may be wondering, what is over seeding? Over seeding is the act of planting extra grass seed directly into an existing lawn or turf without turning over the lawn or turf. Over seeding is important because it can act as an easy way to fill in bare spots in your lawn, enhancing the color and uniformity of your lawn’s appearance. Over seeding your lawn can also help to improve the density of your turf grasses which can prevent weeds from taking root and improve resistance to insect damage and diseases.

Benefits of Over Seeding & Core Aeration for Grass Supplementation

Lawn Aeration and Seeding are necessary to repair the wear and tear that summer damage has inflicted on your lawn. Fall is the absolute best time to plant grass seed because the hot, dry summer is over and the insects and weeds are less prevalent. Seeding services are typically coupled with the core aeration treatment. It is beneficial to do them at the same time because the cores created throughout the yard will allow for better seed-to-soil contact which is critical to success. And the air, water and nutrients can really penetrate deeply into the softened soil to promote robust root growth. 

Timing is Everything with Lawn Care Services

Over seeding, like most things in lawn care, requires proper timing. If you do it at the wrong time of year, you’ll be wasting time and money and will be disappointed with the results. Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to schedule your annual Core Aeration, Over Seeding and Fertilization treatments because the combination of warm days and cool nights with adequate moisture in the ground creates the ideal growing conditions for grass seed. Ideally, seeding should happen from mid-August to mid-October. But even if you miss that window, GREENSKEEPER can aerate and seed up until the ground freezes.

Treat Your Newly Sprouted Grass with Care

Keeping your newly seeded areas moist for 2 weeks will help your seed establish. If the seed dries out, it will not germinate. The first few days after seeding, mist your grass four times a day when the sun is out. Moisture from morning dew helps keeps the seed bed moist and the less intense sunrays slow the rate of evaporation. Once the grass grows to be about 2 inches, you can resume your normal watering schedule. When mowing, do not cut shorter than 3 inches.

Help Heal Summer’s Wear & Tear

Two essential lawn maintenance tasks for fall should always be Core Aeration and Over Seeding. Doing so ensures that your lawn comes back next season looking healthy, vibrant and ready to take on wet weather, weeds and family activities. Now is the best time to rejuvenate your grass for a lawn you can be proud of and enjoy next spring. We truly do believe that aeration and over seeding are two of the most important things you can do for your lawn’s health and we always recommend them as part of a successful lawn care program.

Schedule Your Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services Today!

If you’d like us to help restore life to your thinned-out yard, we’re up for that challenge! GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care offers lawn maintenance packages, but also stand-alone lawn services. To ensure plush green grass in spring, we can come out and aerate your lawn and perform a fall seeding session. You can add these services to your existing service plan or make an appointment for a one-time service. If you are a DELUXE Service Plan member, aeration is automatically part of your fall service visit.