Greenskeeper Spring Service Tips 2020


YOUR SPRING LAWN CARE SERVICE INCLUDES:  Application of a slow-release fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control and weed control.  A little rain or late snow will work the material into the ground over the next few weeks. 


CLEAN-UP:  Most lawns will need a little maintenance after the winter. Remove any leaves and branches that are still lying around. Although the material applied is pretty heavy and hard to move once it’s on the lawn, it’s better to wait a few days after this service to do any hard raking or blowing.
CUTTING:  Cut the grass as soon as it needs it – don’t wait until it gets too long. Try not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Grass plants are storing energy in the blade right now and cutting too much off will turn the lawn yellow. At this time of year, you should normally keep the mower at around 4 inches.
FERTILIZING:  Your grass needs vitamins just like you do. Stronger turf reduces the chance of lawn diseases. Slow-release fertilizer is best for spring because it provides longer-lasting effects and is less likely to harm your grass.  LEARN MORE…
SEEDING:  We will do most seeding in the late spring when ground temperatures are higher. Lawns with crabgrass problems can’t be seeded for a few weeks after this service due to the application of the pre-emergent crabgrass control.  LEARN MORE…
WEED CONTROL:  Since we don’t use any chemicals that hang around in your lawn, we can only get rid of the weeds that are up now. Most weeds will appear later in the spring and we’ll get them then. If you see too many weeds between the first and second service – just let us know!  LEARN MORE…
SNOW or RAIN:  A spring snowfall or a spring rain won’t dilute or wash the materials away. In fact, any moisture at all will help the material get down into the soil. It may be a nuisance but it’s great for the grass!
REFERRAL PROGRAM:  Thank you for recommending us!  For every new customer that you send our way, your next service application is FREE (a $50 discount). And our new customer will receive a $25 discount off of their 6th service application. LEARN MORE…

GREENSKEEPER Can Help You Achieve a Luscious, Green Lawn

GREENSKEEPER’s trained and knowledgeable crew members utilize the latest products and equipment and are committed to help you achieve your green grass goals. Our proven lawn care services have helped beautify Pennsylvania properties for over 50 years. Whether you’re starting a new lawn from scratch, fixing a hard to manage trouble spot or maintaining your existing lawn – we’ve got the right care at the right price
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