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Lawn Mowing Advice for Healthier Grass from GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn the right way will allow you the pleasure of a healthy, luxuriant green lawn. Lawn mowing may be a weekly ritual but are you sure you are doing it correctly? One of the secrets of a lush lawn is mowing your grass to the right height. Proper mowing and ongoing lawn services will keep your grass healthy and also help increase the density of your lawn. When you choose GREENSKEEPER’s lawn care services packages, you will reap greater benefits in the long run. 

The biggest lawn care mistake many homeowners make is cutting the grass too short. For some, over-mowing is an attempt to save a little energy or time by trimming the grass shorter. This will actually damage the grass in the long run, making root systems shallow and unable to soak up all the nutrients they need. Weak grass won’t stand up to heat and is more easily overwhelmed by weeds.

Our Experts Offer Important Lawn Mowing Tips:

  • Follow the 1/3 Rule:  Height counts – 3″ to 4″ is recommended! It is always safe to follow the one-third rule. Never mow more than one-third the length of your grass. It is advisable to mow the grass more frequently if wet weather hastens growth, rather than harm the plant by cutting too much at once. Close mowing will result in brown patches and also make grass more vulnerable to pests and disease.
  • Mow When It Is Dry:  The grass blades are generally upright in dry weather and therefore, easier to cut.
  • Don’t Mow When It Is Very Hot:  It puts more stress on the plants. It is better to mow in the morning before the sun is high or towards the evening when it is setting. Reduce frequency of mowing in hot weather.
  • Change Your Pattern:  Since grass tends to lean in the direction that you mow, reversing your pattern every time will help it grow upright. Mow higher near trees as grass has to compete with tree roots for water.
  • Overlap Rows:  To ensure even mowing, overlap by around 3 inches. This will also prevent you from missing any spots.
  • Be Careful with New Grass: New grass is tender and requires special treatment. Mow an inch higher than its recommended height or you will cause damage.
  • Sharpen Your Blades:  Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp at the beginning of the season. Sharp blades make a clean cut as opposed to ripping and tearing the plants. Blunt blades will injure grass and make it vulnerable to pests and disease.

Professional Lawn Care Services Give You Peace of Mind

At GREENSKEEPER, our lawn services include treatment and maintenance programs provide your lawn with the right attention, at the right time. We can tailor a lawn care package to meet your needs and budget. We have been beautifying lawns in Pennsylvania for over 50 years and take pride in our roster of satisfied customers.