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Autumn is the Best Time to Aerate & Seed Your Lawn

Why Every Lawn Needs Fall Care

Winter might be the time of year when your lawn goes dormant, but that does not mean you should neglect it in the fall. In fact, two essential lawn maintenance to-dos on your fall list should be Core Aeration and Over Seeding. Doing so ensures that your lawn comes back next season looking healthy, vibrant and ready to take on wet weather, weeds, pests and more.

The Benefits of Core Aeration for Lawn Health

Aeration is a naturally occurring process on your lawn. It is when the air exchanges between the atmosphere and soil. When you remove small plugs from the soil, your lawn naturally improves its aeration process. When the soil beneath your grass is too compact, it cannot establish a healthy root system. Water and fertilizer cannot reach the roots, which means you are wasting your time and money on both. Eventually, your lawn grows slower, starts to thin out, and could even stop growing entirely. Aeration will alleviate these issues. By aerating your lawn, you can also enjoy reduced water pooling, runoff and mushroom growth.

What About Fall Seeding?

Another important aspect of fall lawn maintenance is seeding. Seeding in the fall ensures your lawn is ready by spring. Fall is the absolute best time to seed or over seed your lawn because the hot, dry summer is over and the insects and weeds are less prevalent. The soil temperatures are still warm and the cool rains make it the perfect time to create that beautiful lawn that your neighbors will envy as they look over your fence. Ideally, seeding should happen from mid-August to mid-October. But even if you miss that window, GREENSKEEPER can help seed up until the ground freezes.

Help Heal Summer’s Wear & Tear

Good seed-to-soil contact is critical to your success and core aeration will help. Moisture from morning dew helps keeps the seed bed moist and the less intense sun-rays slow the rate of evaporation. Keeping your newly seeded areas moist for 2 weeks will help your seed establish. If it’s windy and/or still warm, it will dry out more quickly. If the seed dries out, it will not germinate. However, many lawns are established without any supplemental watering if the seed is in good contact with the soil. After mowing, you may return to a normal watering schedule.

Rejuvenate Your Lawn

GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care offers lawn maintenance packages, but also one-time services. While you might hire us for weed control and fertilizing, but don’t forget about our aeration, seeding and seasonal services too! To ensure plush green grass, we can come out and aerate your lawn so that it is healthy and ready for spring. Also, our expert team can perform a fall seeding session too. You can add these services to your existing plan as a one-time service.