Yes, You Still Need to Care for Your Lawn During the Winter

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In Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, the lawn becomes a forgotten chore during the winter months. Even if the snow isn’t covering it completely, there doesn’t seem to be anything you should do during this time. Yet, a few winter lawn care tips may help make springtime green-up much easier.  

Simple Tips to Care for Your Lawn This Winter

Taking a few extra steps now with your lawn may produce better results this spring. It also helps minimize the amount of repair you may need to do once the winter breaks.

  • Keep the Lawn Clean: Keep debris off the lawn during the winter months. That includes everything from leaves to the kids’ toys. These items block the light from reaching the grass, trapping moisture in, which can lead to snow mold and other fungus-related issues. 
  • Treat Ice Carefully: No one wants to slip on a sidewalk, but some of the ice and snow melting products are not good for the grass (or groundwater). Look for an all-natural blend or eco-blend of snow and ice melt to use instead. Use as little as possible.
  • Don’t Rake Too Soon: Many years, there’s a winter thaw that can have you ready to get the rakes out and start tending to your flowerbeds and grass. Don’t do this too soon. Until there’s less risk of frost, avoid walking on and damaging your grass. 
  • Get Lawn Equipment in Good Shape: Now is the time to have your lawnmower blades sharpened (that should be done at least once a year). Have a tune-up completed as well. That way, it’s ready to go when the spring thaw does arrive.
  • Keep Pet Waste Out of the Grass: Make sure to pick up pet waste as much as possible during the winter months, just as you would during the summer. You don’t want feces to sit on the grass for too long, especially in cold temperatures where it may not wash away easily.

Plan for Your Lawn Care Team Now

One of the most important steps you can take during the winter months for your grass is to line up your professional lawn care team now. Set out to determine what you need them to do to create the healthiest yard for you. Greenskeeper is ready to meet with you to discuss your options. With nearly 50 years of experience serving Pennsylvania properties, we’re here to work with you to set up treatment. Check out our service programs now.

To know more about winter lawn care tips, call Greenskeeper at (215) 938-8440. Contact us using our online form and get a free quote today.

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