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Winter Lawn Care Tips

The silvery morning frost followed by colder, shorter days, and peppered with an occasional snowfall signals the advent of the cold Pennsylvania winter spells that lie ahead. As a true garden lover, you see yourself protecting your lawn from the harsh mid-Atlantic winter months. Here are some winter lawn care tips from lawn experts to help you keep your lawn ready this winter.

Keep Heavy Load off Your Lawn

After the early fall lawn activities like aeration, reseeding, raking, and winterizing the soil with nutrients comes the late fall routine of keeping heavy equipment off your lawn. Heavy items can compact the soil and matt the grass down.  Equipment placed all over the lawn can create an ideal condition for pests to hide during the winter. Add to this moisture left from rain and snow and you will have to tackle mold growth as well. Follow these steps to lift some weight off your lawn and let the sun rays in and air circulate on the turf below:

  • Tighten the faucets and dry the garden hoses before coiling and storing them away for the winter. 
  • Lightly rake the leaves off the lawn and mulch them if you need to.
  • Mow your grass and keep it shorter than usual during winter. Keep the length about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than the summer length. Then, when the grass has stopped growing or slows down for the winter months, stow away your lawn mower safely by removing the mower battery and the spark plug wire, cleaning the mower, and emptying the fuel tank.
  • Safely shut off your grill and pack it up away from the lawn.
  • Avoid parking your car and/or snow blowers on the grass. 

Off with Those Weeds and Get Ready for Some Liming!

Now is the perfect time to pull off the last few weeds from your lawn before they decide to spring back next season. Also, check your soil’s pH balance and add lime, if needed, to balance the acidity levels. 

Wrap Your Outdoor Plants with Some Burlap or Canvas 

Just like you need warm winter clothes, plant-friendly fabric like burlap or canvas wrapped around plants and shrubs can shield them from the winter chill. The fabric wrappings around the plants can also discourage hungry animals like deer from eating plants and shrubs during the cold winter months. 

Remove Ice and Snow 

Remove snow collected in and around your lawn but don’t create snow piles on your lawn floor because heavy snow can create barren lawn patches. Try not to walk on the snow and icy grass as this can break the grass blades. Avoid sprinkling any rock salt to get rid of snow as that can cause the lawn harm.

Get Your Lawn Winter Ready  

Enjoy your winter with the assurance that your lawn will reclaim its natural glory once spring sets in. Get in touch with Greenskeeper’s lawn care experts to prepare your lawn for the cold winter season that lies ahead. Check out our service programs or contact us to learn more.

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