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Winter Lawn Care Service Tips

Your Winter lawn care service includes adding Limestone to your lawn. This material will slowly condition the soil and balance the pH level over the winter months. Great lawns start in the soil and Lime is an essential component to good soil. Proper pH levels help all of our materials work better and last longer to give your lawn that coveted deep green color.

Our fall fertilizer is formulated to produce a thicker, healthier lawn. It strengthens the root system not just for this fall, but for next year as well!WATERING – As long as we start to get regular rain again, there is really nothing for you to do at this time. But keep the hose handy just in case we dry out again like we did in September. Then a one-hour soak, once a week is plenty.
MOWING – As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, growth will slow and eventually stop. If you raised the mower up for the summer, it’s okay to drop it down a notch now. The final cutting should leave the lawn at about 3½ to 4 inches (a little shorter than normal). Lawns that are left too long will be far more susceptible to ice and snow damage.
LEAVES – A final leaf clean-up is essential. Matted leaves will kill the grass underneath. Don’t let leaves pile up for any long period tine. Do a final clean-up once all the leaves are down. Be careful in newly seeded areas. Light raking or a leaf blower will get the lawn clean without pulling up the young grass plants (especially in shady spots).
SNOW – Use ice melting chemicals that are friendly to lawns. Stay away from rock salt. Your local garden center has many products that not harm the lawn and actually do a better job of melting ice and snow. Try not to walk on the grass too much when it’s frozen. Be most careful in the early morning and at night when ice has formed on the grass blades. You can actually break the blades.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift That Lasts All Year Long . . . a Beautiful Lawn!

GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care Services is a trusted, knowledgeable, local family-owned company that has been beautifying lawns in the Delaware Valley for over 50 years. You can count on our team to deliver the results you want with our comprehensive, year-round lawn care services for residential or commercial lawns. 
GREENSKEEPER’s trained and knowledgeable crew members utilize the latest products and equipment and are committed to help you achieve your green grass goals. Whether you’re starting a new lawn from scratch, fixing a hard to manage trouble spot or maintaining your existing lawn – we’ve got the right care at the right price! To learn more about our lawn care services programs, click to contact us online or call 215-9348440 and we’ll get in touch to set-up a no-obligation appointment…