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Why Lawn Care Matters On Earth Day & Every Day

Maintain Your Turf – Save the Planet!

The United States is becoming a much greener place, as turfgrass becomes more prevalent around the country as a staple of houses and parks everywhere. Its widespread presence, although considered to be a good thing, comes with many environmental considerations.

Among conservationists, lawn care matters because certain ineffectual techniques can cancel out some of the environmental benefits. Half of the lawns across the country are maintained by a mow-only practice, which means they do not get treated with fertilizers, irrigation or pesticides. Among other things, grass helps captures carbon and other pollutants. A study found that for mow-only lawns, the average CO2 absorption is significantly lower than those maintained by a professional lawn care service like GREENSKEEPER.

With Lawns, Little Things Can Mean A Lot

Some of the smaller details can have big influence on whether grass helps or hurts the environment. Lawns that are mowed too short create opportunities for weeds, which in turn creates opportunities for herbicide use, which can harm the environment. A lawn that’s allowed to get overly weedy , under-fertilized or irrigated improperlycan make lawns patchy and more likely for soil erosion.

Additionally, actively growing, healthy grass can provide benefits like noise and heat reduction, topsoil preservation and entertainment value. But a loss in turf density due to problems like diseased grass and insects, can lead to a significant reduction to these functions and benefits.

A healthy lawn may be a key to aesthetics as well as environmental health. Turfgrass is a group of plants that can provide tremendous landscape functions. An expertly maintained lawn give you pride of ownership and instantly improves your home’s curb appeal. This includes advancing grass varieties and adopting healthy lawn maintenance practices.

Lawn Maintenance Habits Have a Significant Impact on CO2 Reduction

Maintaining the all-important function of a turfgrass systems—carbon reduction—is the single most important issue! Let us customize a service program for your residential and/or commercial lawn that meets your needs and your budget. GREENSKEEPER lawn care services save you time and effort with a beautiful outcome.

Why not free up your time to do the things you really like and enjoy a healthy and well-manicured lawn at the same time? For a more beautiful lawn this season, click to contact us today or call 215-938-8440 to schedule a no-obligation consultation!