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Why Is My Lawn Dying? Part 1

Why are there brown spots in my lawn? Why does it look that way? Will it grow back again? What is causing all of this?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot that can go wrong with that lawn of yours! These questions and ones like them are facing many lawn care professionals in the Delaware Valley this season. Now that summer is in full swing in Bucks & Montgomery County, our lawns may be starting to show the strain. It can fry in hot, dry summers, suffer disease plagues in wet ones, and get attacked by bugs in any conditions. There may be a number of causes, and we’ll explain some of them for you here. This Part One of a Two Part Blog post…


There are several different types of fungal diseases that could be affecting your lawn by causing brown spots right now. Due to the conditions this season, we’ve been dealing with a few main culprits. The spores can be spread by wind, water droplets or turf equipment. Fungicide applications are usually the most effective way to treat these problems.

Use Best Practices

Any time a disease is present in your lawn, the following practices are recommended. These will help to slow the spread of the disease throughout the lawn:

  • Minimizing Leaf Wetness– By utilizing sound irrigation practices , the environment becomes less favorable for the pathogen to infect.
  • Bag Your Clippings– This minimizes the number of fungal spores being shot across the lawn and spreading the disease further.
  • Mow Affected Areas Last– This will also help minimizing the spread of those fungal spores.
  • Rinse the Mower When Finished– After mowing, put the mower on a hard surface like the driveway and tilt it on its side. Rinse all the grass clippings with a hose to lessen the spread of the disease.

GREENSKEEPER Can Help You Achieve a Luscious, Green Lawn

While this list is not all-inclusive, these are a number of potential causes for the “browning” you might be experiencing on your lawn. Achieving a healthy lawn requires experienced, skilled, routine maintenance. Our year-round Lawn Care Service Programs consist of applications that include lawn seeding, granular and slow-release fertilizers, broadleaf weed control, pre-emergent crabgrass control, insect control, limestone, lawn aeration and more. You can count on our team to deliver the results you want!

GREENSKEEPER is a trusted, local, family-owned company that has been beautifying lawns in the Delaware Valley for over 50 years. If you’d like help with a plan of action for helping your lawn recover from brown spots, be sure to click to contact us online for a professional consultation or call 215-938-8440 to schedule your no-obligation appointment today.