Summer Weeds to Be on the Lookout For

The Most Common Summer Weeds in PA 

You’ve done everything right this spring to prepare your lawn to be beautiful, thick, and green all summer. It’s frustrating when weeds begin to show up, seeming to come from nowhere. How did that happen? Summer weeds are typically quite hardy, which makes them harder to get rid of in Pennsylvania. They also spread quickly and can even handle the hot, blazing sun. 

Which Summer Weeds Will You Find?

It’s not uncommon to have weeds develop in the summer months. The types of weeds range widely, but the following are some of the most likely ones you’ll see in Pennsylvania.

  • Crabgrass: It was here during the spring months, and even if you took care of it then, it could begin to sprout back up during the summer, taking over your lawn. It’s most likely to occur in areas where your trimmer has scalped the grass, creating openings. Crabgrass control applications are the best treatment option here.
  • Plantain: This weed seems to sprout up overnight, with big, broad leaves. These weeds do well in compacted soil, even in areas where healthy grass thrives. Though it likes the sun, it can also develop in shaded areas, making it an all-around problem. To get rid of this weed, you’ll need a specific broadleaf herbicide. 
  • Nutsedge: If your grass is constantly moist from wet weather or too much watering, nutsedge may start to sprout. It has underground tubers, called nutlets, with a long grass-like stem. It often looks as though there are seeds coming up from the top. Use a broadleaf herbicide to get rid of this pesky summer weed.
  • Oxalis: A low-growing weed, oxalis can easily spread across the grass. It looks like clover with its heart-shaped leaves, but it is an invasive weed. You’ll notice yellow flowers begin to bloom in the summer months. It’s a very fast-growing weed since it has a lot of seeds. To get rid of it, you’ll need consistent applications of broadleaf weed control. 
  • Ground ivy: Though it can look pretty, ground ivy is actually quite invasive, moving through flowerbeds and grassy areas quickly. As it creeps like this, it blocks the sun, making it hard for your healthy grass to come through. You’ll notice the purple flowers during the early summer days. It’s a quick spreader, so you’ll need to use a consistent application of broadleaf weed product to get rid of it. 

Let the Pros Treat Your Lawn and Deter Weed Growth

Even with consistent applications of treatments, these summer leaves can be hard to get rid of, and there are plenty of others that could make your lawn their home. The best way to avoid this is to set up a consultation and treatment plan with GREENSKEEPER. We offer commercial and residential treatment plans to address your landscaping needs, including weed prevention and control. 

Check out our service programs, including fertilizing, weed control, seeding, and core aeration. Work with us to create a treatment plan for your lawn.

Call GREENSKEEPER at (215) 938-8440 for help with summer weeds. You can also contact us using our online form and get a free no-obligation quote today.

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