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Spring Into Summer with Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs add height, fullness and beauty to your garden and yard. Different types can make your front lawn or backyard look beautiful, but they can be tricky to care for as seasons change. With different varieties, there are different concerns. Keeping up with your tree and shrub care each season is important to ensure they look their best, continue to grow strong and tall, and don’t wreak havoc on the rest of your garden.

The GREENSKEEPER team has put together our top tips for keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and happy this season. Too many to keep up with, or not enough time? Contact our lawn care experts for professional tree and shrub care services. You can rely on us to protect your lawn, trees and shrubs – and you can just sit back and enjoy them!

Tips for Tree and Shrub Care this Season

  • Water:  Hot summer weather and days (or weeks) without rain can lead to dry soil and thirsty trees and shrubs. While many varieties are quite resilient, it is important to water them regularly, especially during the first year of planting. Watering should be done more deeply and thoroughly rather than frequently, so set aside at least a half hour to get the job done. Shrubs require less watering time than trees, which should be hosed for at least 15 minutes. Deep water will encourage the roots to grow downwards, strengthening the tree.
  • Prune:  When done correctly, pruning can bring your tired shrubs to life and encourage your trees to flower and produce more fruit. Shrubs that flower on branches that form in spring and flower in summer should be pruned in late February or early March. Prune spring-flowering shrubs right after they bloom, giving them the rest of the growing season to develop new branches and bud. During the early summer, pinch half of the new elongating shoots on pines and needled evergreens. Keep in mind that cuts will heal more quickly when made in the right spot and at the correct angle with a sharp, clean tool.
  • Feed:  GREENSKEEPER will apply only the best quality, safe & effective fertilization products at just the right time. Ongoing feeding of shrubs and trees with a spring stimulant injected directly into the soil at the roots and then a liquid formulated for strong root development over the winter months is important to promote growth and build strength. An anti-transpirant will help keep plants from drying out during the winter. 
  • Pests:  Our certified pesticide service professionals have specialized training and equipment to treat lawns, trees and shrubs. A surface spray treatment will protect against a wide variety of leaf and needle eating pests including spotted lanternfly, Japanese beetles, aphids, mosquito, fleas, ticks, etc. A liquid formula injected into the root system controls borers, leaf minors and more from the inside out. A long lasting coating of deer repellant prevents deer from destroying shrubs and small trees. 

Need Assistance Caring for Your Trees & Shrubs? 

We all want a gorgeous backyard, but we don’t always have the time or expertise to maintain it!  Free up your time and count on the experts at GREENSKEEPER Lawn Care Services to keep your shrubs and trees in good shape and good health. With 60 years of providing yard care services for residents in the Delaware Valley, you will find our team knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Our attention to detail will give your plants a solid foundation to grow upon this season and in years to come.

Whether you need help only for the season or throughout the year, GREENSKEEPER offers a range of lawn care services and more to keep your trees, shrubs, grass and everything in between looking great. Consider our Deluxe Service Program for comprehensive care and beautiful results.