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Insect Control


Why pay for separate treatments for different insects when you can control them all at once?  Bug Barrier is a complete insect control program that can help eradicate and prevent ALL insects at one time

BUG BARRIER goes to work when our highly trained GREENSKEEPER technicians apply our SAFE formulation of insect control to your entire property.  Our team will fully cover all your trees and shrubs and, most importantly, those areas where insects will breed.

BUG BARRIER Controls the Following:

  • Flies

  • Beetles

  • Tree Boring Insects

  • Mosquitos

  • Spotted Lanternfly

  • Japanese Beetles

  • Ants

  • Ticks

  • Cicada Killers

  • Aphids and more…

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

BUG BARRIER insect control can last from 4-6 weeks, depending on the weather.  Usually only 4 treatments are necessary to protect your property for the entire insect season.  Timing the Bug Barrier insect treatments correctly helps them last much longer so it’s not necessary to treat your property every other week.

Schedule Your BUG BARRIER Insect Control Program

If you’d like us to help protect your family and your property from insects, we’re up for that challenge!  Click to contact us and find out more about having GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care Services protect your Delaware, Bucks or Montgomery County property with BUG BARRIER or feel free to give us a call at 215-938-8440.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Greenskeeper recently came out to my home to give the lawn a Spring treatment. I have been using them for a couple of years now. The technicians who come out are great and never a bother at all. They do what they have to do and go–quickly and quietly. The company has great pricing too which is a good reason I stay with them. I highly recommend them. I have no complaints!

    Dave R – Philadelphia, PA
  • Greenskeeper has been doing lawn maintenance and weeding on our property for a while now, and we have yet to have any problems with their service. They come out routinely to do touch ups and are always right on time. They do a great job on the maintenance, and actually leave us an invoice in the mail telling us the rundown of exactly what they did that day. You don’t have to be there while they do their work either; we can trust them to get the job done efficiently, without any supervision! It’s highly convenient!

    Jay E – Willow Grove, PA
  • What I like the most about the people  at Greenskeeper is that they are very reliable. I never have to worry about them coming or doing a great job. They are always on time and the work that the do makes it so that I have a great looking lawn without having to do any work myself. They have a really good rate which is totally worth the time saved working on my lawn. I have already recommended to some of my neighbors and friends and I will continue to recommend them.

    Jill G – Philadelphia, PA
  • I have been very happy with the Greenskeeper company! They are a good lawn care company and their employees are friendly and conscientious people. I would highly recommend the company to everyone! They do a good job for me!

    Pat K – Glenside, PA
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