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Great lawns start in the soil and Lime is essential to good soil. Proper pH levels help all of our materials work better and last longer to give the grass that deep green color.

The lawn will begin to green and thicken over the coming weeks. As long as we get regular rain, there is really nothing for you to do at this time. Should we run into a dry spell – long, deep watering every 5 to 7 days is best.
Leaf Removal
Keep the lawn free of leaves, as best as possible. Use a blower or pick up the leaves in the mower bag. Light raking is OK but be careful of the shady areas – the new grass there can be pulled up easily.
If you raised the mower up for the summer, it’s okay to drop it down a notch now. Don’t forget that the higher you cut the lawn, the stronger and thicker the roots will be. We recommend 4″ – 5″. So don’t ever cut lower than 3½”
Aeration & Overseeding
It’s not too late to order the Core Aeration Service and Over Seeding Service for your lawn. It’s a great year to take advantage of these services!

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