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I gave up trying to do my own lawn years ago and gave the job to the experts at Greenskeeper. Their techs are knowledgeable, friendly and my lawn looks great every year. I highly recommend Greenskeeper to my friends & neighbors.

~ Vincent S. 

Our lawns are outstanding! They never looked better and we owe it all to Dan – he’s the man! Seriously, you folks are doing a great job. Of course all the rain we’ve been having certainly helps but still in all, I could never get the marvelous results we are seeing doing it on my own.

~ Bob C.

I am so pleased with your service, I have to make myself stop looking out the window at my lawn. It is so green, and thick. I have gotten such great compliments from my neighbors on how beautiful my lawn is now. You saved my lawn, thank you so much!

~ McKiver 

I am dropping you a note to recognize your excellent employee Mike, who was here a few weeks ago for the Late Fall Services to put down a coating of limestone. While Mike was here, I asked him about a few large brown patches in our front yard. He inspected them and confirmed they were not due to grubs or any other insect problem.

I left after chatting with Mike, and returned a few hours later to find a note in our door, along with your lawn care “End of Season Tip Sheet”. Mike took it upon himself – without being asked to do so – to dig up all the dead thatch and overseed the dead areas. We really appreciate that nice gesture, along with Mike’s personal note. Please let him know how much his work is appreciated and that the seeding he laid down is growing in incredibly well. Yet another reason why we continue to rely on you folks at Greenskeeper to take good care of our lawn – and a great example of how customer loyalty is built!

~ Paul & Trish P.

I wanted to post this review because I had the best compliment on Friday. We were outside saying goodbye to our grandkids, when a gentleman walked up to our house. He had a clipboard and I saw his jacket said TruGreen. He said, I’m not even going to ask if you want our services, you have one of the nicest lawns I’ve ever seen and the season is just beginning. 

I, of course, told him I use Greenskeeper. He was honest and said, I’m not surprised, they do great work. He just kept looking in awe. We talked for a few minutes. He finally said, well, if you ever decide to make a change, and I don’t see why you would, call me. I said, I doubt it, but thank you. 

I can’t wait for the season to begin and for our lawn to start to grow. You can already see it starting to get green. The only thing I may need help with for your next visit – when I had Natural Lawn, they killed the grass in my backyard by my small patio. It’s not a big area. I may seed it myself because it’s just dirt. I wasn’t sure if you just put seed down if it would germinate? That’s your expertise, so I’ll rely on you…

I just had to say thank you for an outstanding job on my lawn! That has to be one of the best compliment you ever received – I loved it!

~ Steve V.

I felt compelled to share some feedback we recently received about our lawn. Our baby boy recently turned one and we celebrated with a large family party at our place. The first thing that everyone mentioned when they arrived was our lawn. The number of compliments we received was truly incredible. Honestly guys, it was the talk of the party! Pretty cool stuff. I obviously dropped the Greenskeeper name to everyone. Please pass along our comments to Dan and the rest of the squad. Keep doing what you’re doing because the service is worth every penny!
~Kevin K.   

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