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Mosquitoes – What Attracts Them?

Whether you are spending a warm night on the patio in the backyard or going on another camping trip, the one thing you don’t want to spend time with is mosquitoes. There are some things that attract mosquitoes more than others. In fact, they may be attracted to people who have a higher body temperature, a stronger body odor, or a higher amount of sweat. Yet, there are also environmental factors that may bring them into your space, too. Consider what you need to know about mosquito control.

Why Mosquitoes Could be Invading Your Yard 

Mosquitoes are little pests that can create a significant amount of damage if they are attracted to you. There are simple things you can do to reduce their desire to come toward you, such as avoiding the use of perfume or scented lotions. 

Here are some ways to make your yard less desirable in the first place.

  • Get rid of standing water. These annoying insects are more likely to visit if there are areas of standing water, such as in bird baths or plastic toys. This stagnant water has organic matter in it that mosquitoes are attracted to. 
  • Remove excessive growth: If you have areas where there are brushes or grasses that are overgrown, that’s going to create a breeding ground for these pests. Wood piles do the same as well. It also helps to keep your grass cut properly to avoid breeding mosquitoes.
  • Reduce the desirability of resting areas: Mosquitoes like to use shrubs and trees, and other surfaces as resting areas. You cannot get rid of all of them, but you can treat them and reduce their population in your yard. Let our team help you with that process.

There are a few things not to do, too. For example, most citronella candles and mosquito lamps are limitedly beneficial. They do not provide much range of protection, and mosquitoes are small enough to get around those areas with ease.

How Can You Control Them, Then?

It can be difficult to eliminate all mosquitoes from your yard. Start with the above methods. Then, let GREENSKEEPER help you. Our BUG BARRIER program is one of the most effective ways to deter most pests, including mosquitoes, from your yard. It can eradicate those present and help with preventing them from coming back into your space. This is a very safe process that does not cause harm to your pets or kids.

It works to cover your shrubs and trees to create a less desirable place for mosquitoes to live. It also treats their resting places, meaning they cannot sit and stay for a while. Most often, this type of barrier can last for up to 6 weeks, providing you with protection from pesky mosquitoes.

Let Our Team Offer Support 

Creating a safe place for your family means taking action to prevent and treat mosquitoes. Our BUG BARRIER program is effective, safe, and affordable. Our team at GREENSKEEPER can help you with mosquito control for your residential or commercial building. Give our team a call to learn more, or check out our service programs to get started.

We can help make your space more pest-free. Call GREENSKEEPER at (215) 938-8440. You can also contact us using our online form for a free quote on mosquito control, and for other services.