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Lime – What Is It? When And Why Should It Be Applied To Your Lawn?

Keeping a lawn looking healthy and green is no easy task. You know that and have done everything to ensure that it looks its best. But if you see patchy grass, lawn moss, or lots of weeds cropping up in your lawn, chances are that it needs some lime. “What is lime?” you ask. Let’s dig a little deep to understand what lime is and how it helps the soil. Get in the know before you decide on adding it as a part of your lawn care regimen.

What Is Lime? Lime is a rock powder soil amendment derived from limestone rock. It is made up of calcium and magnesium carbonate and can keep the soil’s pH balance in check if applied in the right quantity. pH balance is the measure of the soil’s acidity or alkalinity. 

The Right Time for Liming Your Lawn Soil

Lime should be applied if the soil’s pH level is low. An ideal pH balance for soil is between 6.0 and 7.0. Anything between the 6-7 range is deemed neutral. Low pH balance means that the soil is more acidic. Higher pH balance means that it is alkaline. Doing a regular soil patch test shows you how healthy your soil is, and you can treat it accordingly when needed.  

To do a pH balance test, you need to take soil samples from different parts of your lawn and mix them thoroughly. You can either test the pH balance of this well-mixed soil sample with a home test kit that can be bought from any gardening store, or you can send the sample to your local extension office for testing.    

The Benefits of Lime – Top Reasons You Should Apply It to Your Soil

  • Helps break down the soil nutrients. Lime helps break down the soil nutrients by neutralizing its pH balance. Soil high in acidity hinders the nutrients’ solubility, making it difficult for the plants to absorb the same. Well-balanced pH soil levels help grass and plants to absorb these nutrients easily.
  • Controls the spread of weed. Weeds love acidic soil. Lime helps lower this acidic level by increasing the alkalinity. A carefully measured amount of lime amendment to soil makes the soil healthier, thus discouraging weed growth.
  • Increases worm growth. Worms love the lime treated fertile rich soil and thrive in it. These worms in turn aerate the soil, helping plants and grass benefit in the process.
  • Increases water absorption in soil. This water is easily available to the plants keeping them well hydrated.

Let Lime Help Neutralize Your Soil’s pH Level 

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