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Lawn Aeration: Essential Fall Maintenance

Winter might be the time of year when your lawn goes dormant, but that does not mean you should neglect it in the fall.  In fact, two essential maintenance to-dos on your fall list should be Lawn Aeration and Lawn Seeding.  Early fall is prime time for both tasks.  Doing so ensures that your lawn comes back next season looking healthy, vibrant, and ready to take on wet weather, weeds, pests, and more.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is a naturally occurring process on your lawn.  It is when the air exchanges between the atmosphere and soil.  When you remove small plugs from the soil, your lawn naturally improves its aeration process.  When the soil beneath your grass is too compact, it cannot establish a healthy root system.  Water and fertilizer cannot reach the roots, which means you are wasting your time and money on both.  Eventually, your lawn grows slower, starts to thin out, and could even stop growing entirely.  Aeration will alleviate these issues.  

What About Fall Lawn Seeding?

Another important aspect of fall lawn maintenance is seeding. Seeding in the fall ensures your lawn is ready by spring. The really good varieties of grass seed that we use to make a great lawn take time and just the right conditions to become well established. Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Fall has the perfect cooler temperatures, plenty of rainfall and the longest germination period. Ideally, seeding should happen from mid-August to mid-October. Even if you miss that window, your lawn care professional could help seed up until the ground freezes. 

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration:

  • Improved air circulation from atmosphere to the soil
  • Reduced water pooling, runoff, and mushroom growth
  • Better fertilizer uptake and utilization
  • Better water absorption to roots
  • Improved cushioning and resilience to weight

The Benefits of Over Seeding:

  • Enhanced seed germination in aeration holes
  • Covers thin, worn areas and thickens existing turf
  • Better resistance to insect damage and turf disease
  • Reduced weed germination in weak areas

GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care Services

Greenskeeper is committed to providing you with the finest lawn care to help you achieve your green grass goals!  Like all of our lawn care services, our core aerationover seeding and fertilization services are affordable, effective and tailored to your specific needs.  We offer lawn aeration either as a stand-alone service or as part of a lawn care program.  We truly do believe that aeration and re-seeding are two of the most important things you can do for your lawn’s health and we always recommend them as part of a successful lawn care program.  By adding these treatments to your annual tasks, you help ensure your lawn can reach its full potential for thickness, health and beauty.

Schedule Your Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services Today!

If you’d like us to help restore life to your lawn, we’re up for that challenge!  Greenskeeper will customize the approach that’s right for you and your lawn in order to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.  We know that lawn aeration can make a tremendous difference in the overall health of your lawn.  Because we care about you having the best results possible, we suggest you consider adding aeration to your lawn care regimen.  Click to contact us and find out more about having Greenskeeper Professional Lawn Care Services restore your Bucks or Montgomery County lawn with core aeration, over seeding and fertilization or feel free to give us a call at 215-938-8440.