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Hire a Lawn Care Company or Do-It-Yourself?

Benefits to Choosing GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care Services

Do you really have the time to do everything it takes for your lawn to look it’s best?

Not if you’re like most people today!  Fertilizing, weeding, seeding and mowing are recurring tasks that few of us have the time to do.  Often, this results in a shabby and neglected lawn. Hiring a lawn care service like GREENSKEEPER is worth every penny.  No more back breaking labor or hit-and-miss treatments – just a consistently beautiful lawn to be proud of and enjoy!

Can’t I Do All of These Lawn Services Cheaper Myself?

Not really.  Even if you had GREENSKEEPER’s years of knowledge and experience – you still wouldn’t be able to buy all of the high-quality materials and applicators at the same “bulk” prices that we pay. Then consider all the extra time it would take you to do the multiple applications at the optimum stages of the season.

Shouldn’t the Service That Cuts My Grass Also Weed and Feed the Lawn?

Landscapers and lawn cutters often miss important application time windows simply because they’re busy doing something else. When applying any material to your lawn, it’s better to trust a licensed lawn care expert like GREENSKEEPER who keeps up-to-date with the newest, safest and most effective methods and materials.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Trusted Lawn Care Service:

  1. Saves Time & Effort:  Lawn care is not only a year-round endeavor but one that changes with the seasons. Keeping up with the needs of your grass can be a demanding job. We will customize a service program for your residential and/or commercial lawn that meets your needs and your budget. Our lawn care services save you time and effort with a beautiful outcome.
  2. Reduce Lawn Maintenance Costs:  Buying lawn care equipment and frequent seasonal treatments can cost a tidy sum. Add to that the cost of maintaining your equipment and paying for remedies to cure a damaged or pest-infected lawn. Not to forget, spending a lot of your leisure time fighting weeds and lawn pests or disease!
  3. Measurable Results:  We have our reputation to protect. After all, our business depends on the appearance of the lawns we maintain. So you can be sure that your lawn is in good hands – we guarantee it! Results will be noticeable usually within one to two weeks. There are many variables to consider such as temperature and rainfall, but most lawns will start looking better right away.
  4. Improved Curb Appeal & Property Value:  An expertly maintained lawn give you pride of ownership and instantly improves your home’s curb appeal. One of the things prospective home buyers look for is a well-maintained exterior and the lawn is central to that first impression. Your investment in a professional lawn care service will have a positive impact on your property value.
  5. Choose From a Variety of Services:  From our Deluxe or Economy packages to new lawn installation services, to aerating and seeding to tree & shrub care, GREENSKEEPER’s services can take care of all your yard care needs for the whole year. You can choose specific services as they are needed or opt for maintenance packages for more savings.

GREENSKEEPER is a trusted, local, family-owned company that has been beautifying lawns in the Delaware Valley for over 50 years. We do things the way you would if only you had the time – because we think old fashioned service is something to be proud of.

Why not free up your time to do the things you really like and enjoy a healthy and well-manicured lawn at the same time? For a more beautiful lawn this season, call 215-938-8440 to schedule a no-obligation consultation!