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Have You Planned Your Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Program Yet?


It is only a matter of weeks before the cold, grey landscape is speckled with green shoots, chirping birds and the first blooms of the season. As you count down to the pleasant temperatures, it’s time to give a thought to your yard and how you want it to shape-up through the next several months. If you want that gorgeous, green Instagram-worthy lawn, now is a good time to plan your lawn care and maintenance activities for the entire year.

At GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care , we believe that every lawn is unique. When it comes to turf care, our experienced servicemen take into account a variety of factors including the type of grass, soil quality, amount of sun and weed population. We will apply only the best quality products that are safe and effective at just the right time for your lawn conditions. We offer two levels of service and can tailor a program that meets your specific needs and your budget.

GREENSKEEPER DELUXE Service Program is our most complete lawn care program for establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn. GREENSKEEPER ECONOMY Service Program will keep an already established lawn in excellent shape. There are six seasonal service applications included with both programs. Here is a comparison of the services we will perform to help you achieve the perfect turf:

SPRING Application :

FERTILIZER – A healthy, balanced, solid granular feeding to get your lawn off to a good start.

CRABGRASS CONTROL – A granular pre-emergent material to keep crabgrass and other annuals from ever appearing.

WEED CONTROL – Non-residual, safe, spot weeding wherever needed.

SEEDING* – A quick growing perennial rye to fill in those bad areas. * Deluxe Program Only*

LATE SPRING Application:

FERTILIZER – Slow-release formula to provide your lawn with a healthy, long lasting meal.

WEED CONTROL – Non-residual, safe, spot weeding wherever needed.

SUMMER Application:

INSECT CONTROL – To eliminate all turf destroying pests such as grubs as well as excellent control of fleas and ticks.

WEED CONTROL – Non-residual, safe, spot weeding wherever needed.

LATE SUMMER Application:

CONTROL OF NUTSEDGE and other summer annuals.

WEED CONTROL – Non-residual, safe, spot weeding wherever needed.


FALL Application:

FERTILIZER – A new seeding formula to help the new grass along, while strengthening the rest of the lawn.

WEED CONTROL – Non-residual, safe, spot weeding wherever needed.

CORE AERATION* – Making the soil surface breathe and allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots where needed. * Deluxe Program Only*

COMPLETE OVERSEEDING* – Establishes new, stronger and more durable varieties of grass plants in your lawn. * Deluxe Program Only*

LATE FALL Application:

LIMESTONE – A heavy, granular dose of Lime to balance the soil pH levels and allow easier “digestion” nutrients.

Want to enjoy a more beautiful, professionally maintained lawn this season? From fertilizing to weed control to seeding to tree and shrub care, GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care has been catering to the lawn care requirements of Delaware Valley residents for over 50 years!

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our expert servicemen to discuss a lawn maintenance program tailored for your needs and your budget. Click to contact us online or call 215-938-8440 and we will be in touch with you right away.