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Essential Fall Lawn Care Activities

What Kind Of Care Does My Yard Need At This Time Of The Year?

As the season turns and the foliage around you sports a generous dose of red, amber and yellow, you will notice a beautiful contrast of these bright colors against your lush, green lawn. While you take in the scenic sights of fall, you may also wonder about the kind of care your yard needs at this time of the year. Although activities such as raking and mowing are at their peak in the summer months, there are some vital maintenance tasks that need to be timed through the rest of the year to ensure that your turf remains luscious and healthy year after year.

Fall Essentials From Your Professional Lawn Care Services Team

Regardless of the amount of snow you are expecting in the upcoming winter months, your lawn needs time and attention until the first frost sets in. Here are some fall essentials that need to be done if you want a gorgeous turf at the beginning of spring:

  • Watering:  Since the hot weather is behind us, your turf may not be as thirsty as it was during the summer months. However, you need to continue watering your lawn twice a week for 20 minutes until the ground freezes. Furthermore, this time of the year is a period of rapid growth for new seedlings and they need adequate water supply for proper development. And remember to water your lawn as early as possible in the morning for maximum benefit.
  • Mowing:  Continue mowing your lawn during the fall months and readjust your mower deck to ensure that the grass height is kept at approximately 3 inches. The shorter length will give the grass crown more exposure to direct sunlight, making it less likely to turn brown during winter.
  • Raking:  A quintessential fall activity, raking leaves that have dropped to the ground is an important part of maintaining your yard. If you do not clear this debris regularly, the rain, morning dew and accumulated leaves will together form a coating that suffocates the grass and makes it susceptible to fungal diseases.
  • Aerating:  When small plugs are removed from the soil, your lawn naturally improves its aeration process. This will help establish a healthy root system by allowing air, water, seed and fertilizer to reach deep down where they can have the most benefits.
  • Seeding:  Whether you are repairing dead patches, over seeding your existing turf or creating a new expanse, fall is also the best time for seeding. The cooler temperatures and higher precipitation during these months are ideal for growth and your lawn will don a plush, green coat at the end of winter.
  • Fertilizing & Weed Control:  Application of fall fertilizers after aeration allow the nutrients to penetrate deep into the root system, resulting in a thicker, greener grass next spring. Pay attention to fall weeds such as crabgrass and nutsedge and do not skimp on weed control measures.

Our Goal Is to Provide Your Grass with What It Needs to Flourish

Maintaining your lawn involves year-round activities that not only demand time and effort, but also require substantial investment in the right tools, equipment, and products. From soil and seeds to chemicals and equipment, these lawn care essentials all add up. Save time and money by relying on the experienced professionals at GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care. We offer comprehensive, year-round lawn care services for residential or commercial lawns. Our trained and knowledgeable crew members with access to the latest products and equipment, have been servicing residents in and around Bucks and Montgomery Counties for over 50 years.

Shade or Sun or Wet or Dry – we have the right solution at the right price to make your lawn the best it’s ever been! You can count on our team to deliver the results you want! To learn more about our lawn maintenance services, click to contact us online and we’ll get in touch to set-up a no-obligation appointment within the next business day.