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End of Summer Lawn Repair

With Core Aeration, Over Seeding & Fertilization

Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to schedule your annual Core Aeration, Over Seeding and Fertilization treatments so the air, water, seed and nutrients can really penetrate deeply to softening the soil and promoting root growth. Aeration and Fall Seeding are necessary to repair the wear and tear that summer damage has inflicted on your lawn. Now is the best time to rejuvenate your grass for a lawn you can be proud of and enjoy next spring.

Does Your Lawn Need Aeration?

It may not seem that your lawn is compacted, but it happens easier than you may think. Vehicles or small equipment driven on your grass are obvious culprits, but even outdoor entertaining or yard play by kids and pets can leave your lawn compacted. If your grass often looks stressed, your soil is hard to the touch or rainwater puddles up where it used to be absorbed, you may have compaction problems. Confirm your suspicions with a simple screwdriver test. Take a regular screwdriver and stick it into your lawn’s soil. It should slide in fairly easily. If you meet resistance, your soil is compacted, and aeration can help.

Benefits of Aeration for Turf Improvement

Aeration is the process of making small holes throughout your lawn by pulling out small soil plugs with a special machine called a core aerator. By doing this, more oxygen, water, and nutrients are allowed to penetrate deep into the soil and down to the root zone. That’s important because it creates a more favorable environment for the root system to grow and healthy, strong roots which will enhance the lawn.

  • Improved air circulation from atmosphere to the soil
  • Reduced water pooling, runoff, and mushroom growth
  • Better fertilizer uptake and utilization
  • Better water absorption to roots
  • Improved cushioning and resilience to weight

Benefits of Over Seeding & Fertilization for Grass Supplementation

Over Seeding, which is the process of putting down extra grass seed over the existing lawn, is typically coupled with the aeration treatment. It is beneficial to do so at the time of aeration because the cores created throughout the yard will allow for better seed-to-soil contact. Right now, the combination of warm days and cool nights with adequate moisture in the ground creates the ideal growing conditions for grass seed.

  • Enhanced seed germination in aeration holes
  • Covers thin, worn areas and thickens existing turf
  • Better resistance to insect damage and turf disease
  • Reduced weed germination in weak areas

GREENSKEEPER is committed to providing you with the finest lawn care to help you achieve your green grass goals! Like all of our lawn care services, our aeration, over seeding and fertilization services are affordable, effective and tailored to your specific needs. We truly do believe that aeration and over seeding are two of the most important things you can do for your lawn’s health and we always recommend them as part of a successful lawn care program. By adding these treatments to your annual task lit, you help ensure your lawn can reach its full potential for thickness, health and beauty.

If you’d like us to help restore life to your thinned-out lawn, we’re up for that challenge!