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What Weeds Grow in the Spring?

When spring arrives, most people think about flowers blooming and trees finally getting buds back in place. Yet, spring also brings the blooming of weeds even when the grass receives a fall treatment. Unsightly weeds can be frustrating for property owners. The type of weeds present varies based on very local conditions. A few though, are quite commonly present in most areas of Pennsylvania. 

Spring Lawn Care Tips

As spring arrives, it’s satisfying to watch the grass green up, and the flowers start to bloom. You may know the importance of removing debris from the flowerbeds and getting the trees trimmed. Your grass also needs some attention at this early time of the season to give it the fuel and support that is necessary to create a stunning lawn for the rest of the year.

Professional vs DIY Lawn Fertilization Programs

Just how green and healthy do you expect your grass to be this year? Are you looking forward to spending a few hours weeding, raking, and fertilizing it? This may be the year you consider making your move towards professional lawn fertilization.

The Importance of A Year-Round Lawn Fertilization Plan

Lawns are living, growing areas that need attention throughout the year. When the lawn is snow covered in Pennsylvania, you likely think there’s not much to do with your lawn. Mostly that’s the case, but it’s still important to have a lawn fertilization plan that addresses the lawn from early spring through the fall. 

Snow and How it Effects Your Pennsylvania Lawn

A Pennsylvania winter can bring several inches of snow that will sit for weeks or even longer. Even in years with relatively less snow, it still impacts your lawn. You may not notice it until spring arrives and dead, damaged spots show up, or the lawn doesn’t green up like you hope it would. 

Yes, You Still Need to Care for Your Lawn During the Winter

In Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, the lawn becomes a forgotten chore during the winter months. Even if the snow isn’t covering it completely, there doesn’t seem to be anything you should do during this time. Yet, a few winter lawn care tips may help make springtime green-up much easier.  

Lawn Aeration: Essential Fall Maintenance

Winter might be the time of year when your lawn goes dormant, but that does not mean you should neglect it in the fall.  In fact, two essential maintenance to-dos on your fall list should be Lawn Aeration and Lawn Seeding.  Early fall is prime time for both tasks.  Doing so ensures that your lawn comes back next season looking healthy, vibrant, and ready to take on wet weather, weeds, pests, and more.

Support Your Lawn to Keep It Healthy This Summer

After spending the winter dreaming of warmer weather, it’s easy to forget just how hot the summer can get. Patios, decks and beautiful lawns are the perfect backyard spots to spend time with family and friends during this season. But extreme summer heat can make even the loveliest outdoor living space feel unwelcome.

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