Lawn Aeration: Essential Fall Maintenance

Winter might be the time of year when your lawn goes dormant, but that does not mean you should neglect it in the fall.  In fact, two essential maintenance to-dos on your fall list should be Lawn Aeration and Lawn Seeding.  Early fall is prime time for both tasks.  Doing so ensures that your lawn comes back next season looking healthy, vibrant, and ready to take on wet weather, weeds, pests, and more.

Support Your Lawn to Keep It Healthy This Summer

After spending the winter dreaming of warmer weather, it’s easy to forget just how hot the summer can get. Patios, decks and beautiful lawns are the perfect backyard spots to spend time with family and friends during this season. But extreme summer heat can make even the loveliest outdoor living space feel unwelcome.

Late Summer 2021 Lawn Care Service Tips & Lawn Watering Guide

So far, we’ve had a more normal summer than the last couple of years with hot, dry days and scattered pop-up storms. The usual, brown, slow growing grass is to be expected and that semi-dormant grass will recover. We’ve already seen the emergence of some disease on several lawns.

Spring Into Summer with Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs add height, fullness and beauty to your garden and yard. Different types can make your front lawn or backyard look beautiful, but they can be tricky to care for as seasons change. With different varieties, there are different concerns. Keeping up with your tree and shrub care each season is important to ensure they look their best, continue to grow strong and tall, and don’t wreak havoc on the rest of your garden.

Spotted Lanternflies Now Hatching In PA

While the pandemic, social unrest and election controversy has turned society upside down over the past year, it may have been easy to forget about another, more inconspicuous element that has been lurking in the cities and countryside of Pennsylvania for years now.

Greenskeeper Spring Service Tips 2021

Spring lawns need the increasing daylight they will get from progressively longer, sunnier days. Remove any remaining leaves, sticks, and yard debris with a lawn sweeper or a rake to uncover grass for the most sunlight exposure.

Preventing the Dreaded Crabgrass Takeover

Fighting a losing battle with crabgrass? Crabgrass is one of those unwanted annual intruders that can make even the healthiest lawn look un-manicured and sloppy. The reason why it is so difficult to eliminate crabgrass is that it grows all season by producing seeds that will also germinate next spring. Only regular application of weed control treatments can rid your lawn of this problem. Ignoring it or just mowing over it can result in this weed completely taking over your grass. If you notice extra crabgrass this season, there is nothing to worry about! GREENSKEEPER‘s lawn care maintenance strategies will help reclaim your yard.

How to Evaluate & Compare Deicing Products

There are three basic types of deicers out there, and each type has their own strengths and weaknesses:  chloride-based deicers, acetate-based deicers, and carbohydrate-based deicers. The objective of all ice melt products is to reduce the freezing point of water and form brine. Deicers reach this goal in different ways and to varying degrees of success.

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