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Most Common DIY Lawn Care Mistakes

What NOT to Do When Caring for Your Yard

Beautiful lawns are on most every homeowner’s wish list but getting your yard in the best shape is often easier said than done. You smother your grass with love – cutting it, watering it, nursing it through grub infestations and hot spells. But like any dedicated care giver, your attentiveness could be overdoing it. To keep your yard thriving, make sure you steer clear of these lawn care mistakes:

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How to Care for New Grass

Treat Your Newly-Sprouted Grass With Care

Even the most luscious lawns start somewhere. If you find joy in your yard, you know the pride you feel when your lawn is thicker and greener than the other ones on the block. When you are tending to your newly seeded and growing lawn, knowing how to care for new grass will help ensure those seedlings have the chance to thrive.

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Are Your Lawn Care Service Tax Deductible in PA & NJ?

GREENSKEEPER’s Services Are Valuable Asset for You and Your Family

It’s officially springtime and that means flowers are budding, temperatures are rising, and its tax season! While making plans to care for your lawn this year, you might be wondering if professional lawn care services are tax deductible. And since improving the lawn is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase property value, the answer might help determine how you allocate your green grass funds.

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Hire a Lawn Care Company or Do-It-Yourself?

Benefits to Choosing GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care Services

Do you really have the time to do everything it takes for your lawn to look it’s best?

Not if you’re like most people today!  Fertilizing, weeding, seeding and mowing are recurring tasks that few of us have the time to do.  Often, this results in a shabby and neglected lawn. Hiring a lawn care service like GREENSKEEPER is worth every penny.  No more back breaking labor or hit-and-miss treatments – just a consistently beautiful lawn to be proud of and enjoy!

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Have You Planned Your Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Program Yet?


It is only a matter of weeks before the cold, grey landscape is speckled with green shoots, chirping birds and the first blooms of the season. As you count down to the pleasant temperatures, it’s time to give a thought to your yard and how you want it to shape-up through the next several months. If you want that gorgeous, green Instagram-worthy lawn, now is a good time to plan your lawn care and maintenance activities for the entire year.

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Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips

A Useful Checklist from Your Trusted Lawn Care Company in PA

As the warmer weather finally arrives, it is time to prepare for a lush green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. The goal of spring lawn care is to provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow, resist disease and withstand the summer heat. This means healthy soil, weed and bug control, fertilizing and proper watering practices. Also, do not worry if your area experiences light snow fall or heavy spring showers. The moisture will help the nutrients reach the grass roots.

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