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How to Evaluate & Compare Deicing Products

There are three basic types of deicers out there, and each type has their own strengths and weaknesses:  chloride-based deicers, acetate-based deicers, and carbohydrate-based deicers. The objective of all ice melt products is to reduce the freezing point of water and form brine. Deicers reach this goal in different ways and to varying degrees of success.

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Advice on Residential Ice Melt Products

Explore How to Evaluate, Compare & Utilize Deicing Products. The objective of all ice melt products is to reduce the freezing point of water and form brine. Deicers reach this goal in different ways and to varying degrees of success. While walking down the store aisle or scrolling through purchase options, it can be difficult to accurately weigh your choices.

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After A Winter Storm, Give Your Shrubs & Trees A Helping Hand

If what started off as a relatively benign winter takes an eventful turn, your lifestyle and surroundings will have to adjust. Once the storms pass, you will resume your regular routine, but the trees and shrubs around your home may still be reeling under the effects of the weather. Any sudden, rapid drop in temperatures, sustained low temperatures, or bursts of snow and ice can cause stress, injury or damage to the shrubbery and ornamental trees in your yard. The experts at GREENSKEEPER offer some suggestions on how to care for your snow-damaged plants, shrubs and trees…

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Pick Your Perfect Pennsylvania-Cultivated Christmas Tree

It is that time of the year when there is that unmistakable buzz and excitement all around you. A focal point of holiday celebrations in millions of homes across North America, the Christmas tree represents an age-old tradition. If it’s one of your annual family rituals, then you know that there is more to real trees than their appealing fragrance. If you purchase a fresh-cut tree, you are also helping the PA tree farmers and promoting your local economy.

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Lime Application Services for Lawns

The quest for healthy green grass is imperative for many homeowners. Nothing beats the look or feel of a well-kept lawn, plus it provides the perfect backdrop for social events and quality family time. Cultivating a great yard goes deeper than mowing, watering and occasionally spraying a few weeds. Those perfect lawns you admire – and maybe envy – undergo rigorous lawn care services at regular intervals.

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What is Lawn Over Seeding and Why Is It Important?

Fall Lawn Repair with Over Seeding

Growing a beautiful lawn takes more than just luck – it takes proper over seeding. Now you may be wondering, what is over seeding? Over seeding is the act of planting extra grass seed directly into an existing lawn or turf without turning over the lawn or turf. Over seeding is important because it can act as an easy way to fill in bare spots in your lawn, enhancing the color and uniformity of your lawn’s appearance. Over seeding your lawn can also help to improve the density of your turf grasses which can prevent weeds from taking root and improve resistance to insect damage and diseases.

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What is Lawn Aeration and Why Is It Important?

Why Should I Aerate the Grass?

First and foremost, a healthier root system means healthier grass. It may not seem that your lawn is compacted, but it happens easier than you may think. Vehicles or small equipment driven on your grass are obvious culprits, but even outdoor entertaining or yard play by kids and pets can leave your lawn compacted. If your grass often looks stressed, your soil is hard to the touch or rainwater puddles up where it used to be absorbed, you may have compaction problems. Confirm your suspicions with a simple screwdriver test. Take a regular screwdriver and stick it into your lawn’s soil. It should slide in fairly easily. If you meet resistance, your soil is compacted, and core aeration can help.

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Why So Many More Mosquitoes After It Rains? Blame It On Water.

Irritating, itchy, ugly, blood-sucking mosquitoes. Why do they come out in droves after it rains? Wet weather often means we’re in for a trying time full of mosquito bites. The reason is simple; mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. You’ve spent time and money creating an enjoyable outdoor living space for your family. Whether you’re hosting an event, your children are playing outside, or you just want to relax, there’s nothing worse than being chased indoors by pesky mosquitoes!  GREENSKEEPER will help to defend your yard.

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