Caring For Lawns In The Delaware Valley Since 1981

Author: Greenskeeper Professional Lawn Care

What Is Crabgrass?

How Can I Control It? 

Crabgrass is a common grassweed found throughout North America, including in Pennsylvania. It typically germinates in the spring and starts to appear on lawns by the start of summer. There are several forms, but most people don’t want to see it on their lawn because it tends to stand out and take away from a uniform appearance.

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What Weeds Grow in the Spring?

When spring arrives, most people think about flowers blooming and trees finally getting buds back in place. Yet, spring also brings the blooming of weeds even when the grass receives a fall treatment. Unsightly weeds can be frustrating for property owners. The type of weeds present varies based on very local conditions. A few though, are quite commonly present in most areas of Pennsylvania. 

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

As spring arrives, it’s satisfying to watch the grass green up, and the flowers start to bloom. You may know the importance of removing debris from the flowerbeds and getting the trees trimmed. Your grass also needs some attention at this early time of the season to give it the fuel and support that is necessary to create a stunning lawn for the rest of the year.

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