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How Many Applications Will My Lawn Need? Every Lawn Is Different!

Every homeowner wants a lush green lawn that is healthy, pest-free, and attractive. But to keep it at its best, it needs to be fed the right amount of nutrients at the right time. Over-fertilizing your lawn causes nitrogen and salt levels to rise, eventually killing your grass. However, under-fertilizing can deprive it of essential nutrients and cause barren patches, more weed growth, and an increase in pests. 

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Mosquitos! And More Reasons to Consider Adding Insect Control to Your Annual Landscaping Care Plan

After a frigid winter, we all look forward to the pleasant and warmer springtime. And why not?  Spring is when the earth breathes life into tiny seedlings. We plan picnics, barbeque, get-togethers, or just enjoying quiet relaxation in our backyards. But the pleasant weather also brings with it some unwelcome guests, a.k.a., insects and bugs. Mosquitoes love buzzing around in the same backyard you might be lounging in, trying to find their next meal of the day—you! What can you do to drive out these pesky intruders? Let’s find out below.

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Lawn Care for the First-Time Homeowner 

You did it! You’ve made one of your biggest purchases – your first home! Now, make it truly yours by giving it the love and attention it deserves. Just like decorating your interiors as per your aesthetic sensibilities, you can do the same with your home’s exterior. Growing flowering plants and perennials is a nice way to beautify your yard, but installing and maintaining your lawn requires a bit more skill, time, and effort. Our team has compiled some useful tips to get you started.

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Northeast Winter Lawn Care Tips 

The northeastern winters across the United States are known to be harsh. All the states in this part of the country experience their fair share of winter storms. Hardy eastern white pine trees dot the many streets, and the lawns are covered with cool season grasses. The most common grass types include Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass.

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What Happens to Your Lawn During the Winter Months

Pennsylvania falls within the northeastern cold weather belt of the United States. Just like some winter-hardy plants that tolerate the frigid temperatures here, your lawn too can survive snow-bound terrain. Cool season grasses like fine fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, as well as Zoysia grass in the southern part of the state, can withstand the harsh winter weather, making them popular choices for most lawns. 

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Start Thinking About Your Lawn Care Program for Next Year, Now

As your lawn settles for rest during the last leg of this season, you need to start planning your lawn maintenance schedule for the next year. Spring time is when your lawn will wake up from its winter slumber and sprout back to life again. Here are some tips from lawn experts about how to start thinking about your lawn care program for the next year, now. 

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Winter Lawn Care Tips

The silvery morning frost followed by colder, shorter days, and peppered with an occasional snowfall signals the advent of the cold Pennsylvania winter spells that lie ahead. As a true garden lover, you see yourself protecting your lawn from the harsh mid-Atlantic winter months. Here are some winter lawn care tips from lawn experts to help you keep your lawn ready this winter.

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Rodents that Destroy Lawns in the Winter Months

How Safe is your Lawn this Winter? 

Is your lawn safe from rodents and other pests in the winter? While many animals might choose to hibernate in the cold, some others stay active, hungry, and ready to wreak havoc in your beautiful lawn. Meadow voles, moles, and gophers are a few such pests that can destroy parts or the entire lawn if not stopped in time. However, there are tell-tale signs that they leave behind that can help you identify the culprits and remove them from your yard. 

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