Caring For Lawns In The Delaware Valley Since 1981

Should I Repair the Lawn or Reseed?

How to Improve Your Pennsylvania Lawn

Typically done in the spring months, lawn repair and reseeding can help create a beautiful, thick lawn. Knowing which method to use isn’t always easy. There is also a lot of different advice out there about which option might be best. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind for your lawn this year.

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Nutsedge—A Very Aggressive and Persistent Weed in PA

A nutsedge infestation may be one of the most frustrating for property owners. It can quickly grow in lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, and almost anywhere else. Once present, this long grass-like weed is hard to eradicate. If not removed in a timely manner, it can become invasive, taking nutrients from the soil that should support your lawn’s health. Here’s what you need to know about nutsedge. 

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Summer Weeds to Be on the Lookout For

The Most Common Summer Weeds in PA 

You’ve done everything right this spring to prepare your lawn to be beautiful, thick, and green all summer. It’s frustrating when weeds begin to show up, seeming to come from nowhere. How did that happen? Summer weeds are typically quite hardy, which makes them harder to get rid of in Pennsylvania. They also spread quickly and can even handle the hot, blazing sun. 

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Grubs Can Destroy Your Lawn

The Importance of Insect Control in PA 

Grubs are a natural part of many environments. When it comes to your lawn, they can be anything but a good thing. These little pests are often misunderstood, and, in some cases, people are unsure what to do about them. Grubs are a type of larval or an immature type of beetle or chafer. As small creatures, how can they do damage to your lawn?

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What Is Crabgrass?

How Can I Control It? 

Crabgrass is a common grassweed found throughout North America, including in Pennsylvania. It typically germinates in the spring and starts to appear on lawns by the start of summer. There are several forms, but most people don’t want to see it on their lawn because it tends to stand out and take away from a uniform appearance.

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What Weeds Grow in the Spring?

When spring arrives, most people think about flowers blooming and trees finally getting buds back in place. Yet, spring also brings the blooming of weeds even when the grass receives a fall treatment. Unsightly weeds can be frustrating for property owners. The type of weeds present varies based on very local conditions. A few though, are quite commonly present in most areas of Pennsylvania. 

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