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Advice on Residential Ice Melt Products

Explore How to Evaluate, Compare & Utilize Deicing Products. The objective of all ice melt products is to reduce the freezing point of water and form brine. Deicers reach this goal in different ways and to varying degrees of success. While walking down the store aisle or scrolling through purchase options, it can be difficult to accurately weigh your choices.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect similar performance and benefits from all types of ice melts. Learning the pros and cons will help set you up with the best means to get ahead in the snow and ice battle ahead.

What are Deicing Chemicals?

Deicing products are chemicals used to remove ice, but they aren’t as bad as you think. They just change the melting temperature of water to keep the water as a liquid at a lower temperature preventing it from being or becoming dangerous ice. All deicers are eco-friendly in small quantities and bad in large concentrations. By using a measured hand to apply ice melt, you can enjoy all of the benefits of melting ice while also protecting your pavement, grass and plantings. 

It’s All About Balance

If you are concerned about our environment, it is crucial to remember the importance of only applying as much deicer as is necessary to keep people and pets safe. By reducing the amount of ice melt product, you reduce how much of the harmful chemicals get into our soil and into our waterways. Beyond the environmental impact, all deicers have the potential to corrode paved surfaces and hardscaping with overuse. 

Size & Shape Matter

When it comes to ice melt, the size and shape of the particles are very important. A deicer with a variety of particle sizes delivers a time-release treatment for your icy pavement. Small particles melt and form brine quickly, while larger particles vertically penetrate ice and snow and help melting power last longer. Smooth particles do not restore traction as efficiently as coarse granules. A coarse texture also gives you better control over where you apply it because it doesn’t bounce and/or roll away.

Wondering Which Ice Melt Product to Choose? Tune in Next Month!

There is no one right answer since there are pros and cons to every product. In the end, the deicer for you will be what fits your personal choice and yet still removes the ice. GREENSKEEPER Professional Lawn Care offers a variety of Service Programs for your residential and commercial property and we can tailor a program that meets your preferences and your budget. In addition to Lawn Care, this includes Tree & Shrub Care as well as Spotted Lanternfly Treatment.