Watering Tips & Suggestions

Do I have to water the lawn? 
Usually you do not have to water the lawn in the spring or the fall when we typically get enough rain. In the summer months you may need to water when there’s an extended period (more than ten days) without rain. 
How should I water? 
Use any kind of sprinkler and soak the lawn. Long, heavy soakings of an hour or two in each spot are best. But don’t overdo it, every 4 or 5 days is enough.
WARNING - Never water at night! Contrary to some old wives tales, the grass will not burn if you water during the day. Water that sits on the lawn overnight is a sure way to create disease - so make sure the grass is dry before nightfall.
How do I set up my sprinkler system? 
Virtually every sprinkler system is set up incorrectly for this area. Set the system for forty minutes in each zone, every four days. Start the system no earlier than 8:00am - never overnight. Twenty minutes every other day may be all right down at the shore where there are sandy soils, but here where we have clay it takes much longer for the water to filter down. Too much water on the top will create disease! 
I like to spray with the hose when I get home from work. Is that ok? 
My lawn looks dead. Will it come back? 
Probably. Grass goes dormant in heat and drought and it usually doesn’t die. A couple of heavy soakings will bring it back quickly. In the past there have been extended periods of drought in our area that have caused permanent damage to the grass. So don’t take a chance…water. 
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