YOUR SUMMER LAWN CARE SERVICE INCLUDES:  An Insect Control and Weed Control.  This material must be watered-in to work.  If there is no rain for 2 or 3 days after this service, soak the lawn! 

What's Happening:  The Insect Control will stop any Grubs, Chinch Bugs, Army Worm, Sod Webworm and other turf destroying pests.  It’s also great for getting rid of Ants, Fleas and Ticks.  The Weed Control covers all of the usual weeds like Dandelion and Clover, and will also eliminate or knock down the summer annual weeds like Nutsedge and Crabgrass that are popping up now. 

Summer Tips:

WATERING:  You can help the lawn a great deal with a few good waterings over the summer months.  Water WILL NOT magnify the sun and burn the lawn.  Long, deep soakings are best - one or two hours in each area, every 4 or 5 days whenever there is no rain.  Early morning is the best time, but anytime before 7:00pm is OK. 
Make sure the grass on top is dry before dark because a lawn that stays wet through the night will develop disease problems.  It’s really tough to keep the lawn looking like it did in the spring, but you can keep it happy and healthy through the summer by watering.    . . . click here for more watering advice

CUTTING:  Keep the mower on a higher setting throughout the summer - 4 inches is best.  A longer blade of grass will hold more moisture and shade the root system. 

ENJOY THE SUMMER!  Our lawns naturally want to take a break at this time of year.  Over the next couple of months, the cool-season grass that we use will go dormant to some degree.  The lawn won’t look as green or as thick - it’s just nature’s way! 
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