FALL is the best time to seed!  

There’s no doubt about it: For best results, seed your lawn in the fall. The really good varieties of grass seed that we use to make a great lawn take time and just the right conditions to become well established.  Here in South Eastern Pennsylvania, Fall has the perfect cooler temperatures, plenty of rainfall and the longest germinating period.

What type of grass seed do you need in Pennsylvania?

Knowing exactly when to start the seeding process is half the battle but determining what kind of seed to use is just as important. While there are some basic rules, your particular situation will determine what types of seed are best. Sun, shade, high traffic and amount of moisture are some of the factors that must be taken into account.
BLUEGRASS: Turf Type Tall Fescue Mix: Our most popular overseeding mix combines the stable root system of Bluegrass with the sturdy new varieties of TT Tall Fescue. Holds up in sun or shade, resists disease & insects and can take lots of heavy traffic. It’s also extremely drought tolerant so it looks great all summer.

BLUEGRASS: Fine Fescue Mix: Fine Fescue is great for shady spots. It will tolerate partial to deep shade areas that don’t get a lot of traffic.
PERENIAL RYE: Germinates in 10 to 14 days to fill in spots fast. It is great for Spring Seeding when necessary and will also thicken up a weak lawn at any time of the year. Always good to have on hand for quick repairs of dog spots, snowplow damage or lawn party mishaps!
KENTUCKY 31 TALL FESCUE: Used on athletic fields or high traffic commercial sites only. The thick blade makes it undesirable for home lawns, but it may be the only grass that will hold up on a well-used soccer field.

Do you need a combination of the above? 
Count on the experts at GREENSKEEPER to custom formulate just the right seed mix for every area of your lawn! 

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