YOUR LATE SPRING LAWN CARE SERVICE INCLUDES:  Application of a Slow-Release FertilizerandWeed Control

What’s Happening:  There’s really no need for you to do anything after this service.  A little spring rain will work the material into the ground over the next few weeks. 

Late Spring Tips:

FERTILIZER:  At this time of year we use a slower, longer lasting feed for your lawn.  The material becomes available with both rainfall and natural, organic soil activity.   Today's lawn feeding also includes Potassium, Phosphorous, and other trace elements. 

WEED CONTROL:  Today we sprayed any of those stubborn weeds that tend to pop up at this time of year. They’ll shrivel up and disappear in a few days!

WATERING:  As we begin to dry out over the next couple of months, water will be essential to keeping the lawn green.  We’ve found that almost every sprinkler system we encounter is set up wrong so make sure to follow these guidelines.
  • It is best to water during daytime hours only.  Watering during the day does not burn grass - that’s an old wives tale!   Grass that is wet overnight is much more likely to develop disease so try to finish watering in time for the top to dry off before nightfall.  
  • Also, because of the heavy soil in this area, long deep soakings are best.  Plan to soak the lawn for an hour or two every 5 to 7 days if we don't get enough rainfall.
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade.  Cutting too much blade at one time will turn the lawn yellow.  We recommend setting the mower blade height no lower than 3 inches, 4 is even better.
  • Keep the mower blade sharp.  A dull blade “tears” the grass and causes the lawn to look white.  

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