Do you really have the time to do everything it takes to keep your lawn looking it's best? 
. . . Not if you're like most people today!  GREENSKEEPER has been beautifying lawns for over 50 years.

GREENSKEEPER began in 1961 in Montgomery County, PA as Lawn-A-Mat, one of the very first automated lawn care services and remains today a local family owned and operated business.  We take great pride in our long history of satisfied customers that now spans generations and ranges across Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, PA.  Our methods may be described as "old fashioned" but they’re the safest and most effective methods in the lawn care industry.

We do things the way you would . . . if only you had the time.    Because we think old fashioned service is something to be proud of!
Choose Your Service
Your lawn is as unique as you are, and we at GREENSKEEPER Lawn Care Service will treat it that way.  We give each lawn the individual care it needs.  We don’t use pre-mixed tank truck products like other services. 
Shade or Sun or Wet or Dry? - we have the right solution at the right price to make your lawn in Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery County the best it’s ever been!
GREENSKEEPER can tailor a program that meets your needs and your budget!  We offer a variety of lawn care programs for residential or commercial lawns - whether you’re starting a new lawn from scratch, fixing a hard to manage trouble spot or maintaining your existing lawn.   . . . lawn care service programs
FERTILIZATION - Granular works best! 
We know how to give your lawn a healthier more balanced feeding.  Our solid granular fertilizer feeds the grass slowly and evenly and won’t wash away.  Spraying liquid fertilizer never completely gets down to the roots and can stick on blades and evaporate or even burn.   Liquid can also move too rapidly through the soil and be wasted or affect groundwater . . . lawn care fertilization tips

WATERING - Do I have to water my lawn?
Usually you do not have to water your lawn in the spring or the fall when we typically get enough rain.  In the summer months, you may need to water when there’s an extended period of more than ten days without rain . . . lawn care watering tips
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