YOUR FALL LAWN CARE SERVICE INCLUDES:  aGranular Fertilizationas well as aWeed Control. The Fall Fertilizer that we used today is formulated to produce a thicker, healthier lawn. It strengthens the root system not just for this fall, but for next year as well! 

What’s Happening: August weather was xxx so now you should . . . 

Fall Tips:

WATERING:  As long as we get regular rain, there is really nothing for you to do at this time.  Should we run into a dry spell - long, deep watering every 5 to 7 days is best.    . . . click here for more Watering advice

LEAF REMOVAL:  Keep the lawn free of leaves, as best as possible.  Use a blower or pick up the leaves in the mower bag.  Light raking is OK but be careful of the shady areas - the grass there can be pulled up easily. 

MOWING:  If you raised the mower up for the summer, it’s okay to drop it down a notch now.  Don’t forget that the higher you cut the lawn, the stronger and thicker the roots will be.  So don’t ever cut too low - we recommend no lower than 3½ inches. 

Please Note:  It’s not too late to order the Aeration Service and Overseeding Service for your lawn.   It’s a great year to take advantage of these services!

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